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Detox from Nicotine for the New Year

Although quitting an unhealthy habit is a relatively common New Year's resolution, not everyone is successful. In fact, past studies have shown that although 55% of people want to quit smoking, only 8% are successful in their attempts. 

Quitting smoking and ultimately detoxing from nicotine for the new year might seem like an impossible task, but those that fail usually don’t have the right resources or tips. If you want a new year detox, whether temporarily or permanently, here’s what to do.

Get in the Right Mindset

When making your plan to quit smoking, you need to make sure you get in the right mindset to be successful. If you’re convinced you'll fail, then you will.

Look at examples of people who have been successful in their efforts. Read stories online or ask friends and family members who no longer smoke how they got to the place they’re in now. Let yourself be inspired!

There may also be support groups in your area, or forums you can join where you can share stories with others. Regardless, believing in yourself is going to be the first thing you need to do for success, so make sure you get there first.

Surrounded Yourself With Support

As you begin your new year detox, make sure you’re surrounded by support. If you know you have friends who smoke heavily and might encourage you to lapse — directly or indirectly — then it might be time to set some hard boundaries. Similarly, if you have friends who’ll be very supportive of your plan to quit smoking, having them around to hold you accountable will be a huge help.

Sometimes, a change in habit or routine like this shows us who is there to support us and who might be more of a hindrance than a help.

You should also try to avoid places you might be tempted. The smoking area at work, for example — have those conversations around the water cooler instead. 

Remember the Benefits

If you’re ever tempted to reach for a cigarette and your new year detox is going out of the window, it’s time to remember the benefits. It’s also critical to think of these as long-term benefits.

A new year detox might be difficult in the short term when you just want to reach for a cigarette and continue that habit, but every day, and then every week, will get easier. Soon, you’ll realize that the few minutes of relief isn’t worth sacrificing the years of payoff. Think about these benefits.

Improved Health and Lifespan

Tobacco kills up to half its users. Smoking is also known to cause cancer and various other diseases and issues. There is no denying that quitting smoking improves your health and allows you to live a longer life, with less stress on your lungs.

If you want to be around with your loved ones longer and not have to undergo health issues for a chance of getting there, quitting smoking is the first step. It doesn’t guarantee good health, but it certainly makes your chances significantly better — withdrawal is nothing compared to what smoking can do in the long-term.

Improved Finances

Cigarettes aren’t cheap, but if you believe you’re dependent on them, they become a financial priority. When you’re making your plan to quit smoking, it might be a good idea to add up the cost of cigarettes.

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How much do you spend in a day or a week? How much could you save in a year if you gave up smoking?

Improved Social Life

Smoking can also affect your social life. Some people are extremely sensitive to the smell, which means they may avoid coming to your home, where the odor clings to clothes and soft furniture.

It may also affect outings when you need to take a smoking break.

Take that power back, and make those breaks no longer necessary after a new year detox.

Learn How to Deal With Stress

One factor which can affect people’s spur of the moment decision to return to smoking and thus start the cycle over is stress. Cigarettes temporarily cure stress and anxiety, which means it’s easy to convince yourself that one won’t hurt in the moment.

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This is why, after your new year detox from nicotine, you should make sure you have alternative ways to cope with stress. Some people find meditation helpful; others want to enjoy a hobby like crafting something or playing a video game. Experiment and find out what works for you, then replace smoking with that.

Remember that it’s okay to give into certain cravings, but you need to find the ones that are healthy for you. 

Flush the Nicotine Out Fully

Nicotine is addictive. The first step you should do for a new year detox is to flush it fully out of your system. Start your plan to quit smoking by getting a full detox kit together and ridding your body of any leftover nicotine.

The immediate aftermath will be the hardest part, when it feels like your body is craving nicotine back in it, but once it’s flushed out and that period has passed, you’ll find everything much easier and be able to concentrate on having that positive mindset.

Get Our Help With Your New Year Detox: Use NicoClean Detox

At NicoClean Detox, we understand the importance of a new year detox. Whether you want to quit smoking temporarily for the start of the year for personal reasons or are just ready to give up the habit altogether, our detox kits can help. 

Our kits are scientifically backed to help our users detox quickly, but also to enhance the body’s natural processes to ensure you can keep up without nicotine and the process is as easy on you as possible. We’ll provide a comprehensive manual too.

For a stress-free detox, check out our products and contact us with any questions you might have.

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