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Detox from Nicotine Twice as Fast with NicoClean

NicoClean is here to help you pass your next test. Our nicotine flush kits have been proven to help nicotine users detox from nicotine up to two times faster than other products!

  • Whether you are looking to re-enter the workforce, cleanse your system for health reasons, or are planning to take a much-needed break, our nicotine flush kits can help you pass your next test without ingesting any harsh chemicals. Instead of just masking nicotine, our formula helps your body quickly and naturally eliminate nicotine and cotinine that can show up on cotinine urine tests for days after you use nicotine products. NicoClean Detox will give you clean test results and a stress-free testing experience.

  • Our experienced pharmacists used their years of expertise and experience to develop a safe, easy-to-use nicotine detox product. After many trials and tests, we created a formula that is all-natural and works for even the heaviest users. The formula contains 5 ingredients that work together to target nicotine and expel cotinine, cleansing your system. If you are looking for a fast, safe, and effective way to naturally detox from nicotine without ingesting unnatural chemicals, our nicotine flush kits are the product for you.

We’re so confident NicoClean Detox is the best choice for you that we proudly offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NicoClean Uses Just 5 All-Natural Ingredients

NicoClean Detox is a pharmacist-developed nicotine detox solution that works to boost the metabolic processes that naturally occur within your body. Our nicotine flush kits use a scientifically-backed formula that helps you detox from nicotine using just 5 safe, all-natural ingredients.

Each nicotine flush kit contains:

  • Horsetail icon

    Horsetail Extract

    A gentle, all-natural diuretic that helps you produce more urine with notably increased concentrations of cotinine metabolites

  • L-Methionine icon


    A naturally-occurring amino acid, included to assist with urinary acidity

  • Cranberry icon

    Cranberry Fruit Extract

    A natural acidifying agent that increases the absorption rate of metabolites in urine

  • Vitamin C icon

    Vitamin C

    Included for overall wellness and to assist with urinary acidity

  • Leaves icon

    St. John's Wort

    A natural herb that greatly increases the enzymatic metabolism of nicotine, breaking it down into more water soluble compounds

Why Choose NicoClean Detox

More Than Just Supplements

Since 2015, our research and experience helping individuals quickly detox from nicotine and other substances have taught us that supplements alone aren’t enough to provide a fast, effective nicotine detox experience.

That’s why our nicotine flush kits were specially developed by pharmacists to provide you with results-driven support to most effectively help you detox from nicotine. Each of our comprehensive nicotine flush kits includes:

A full 3-day regimen of natural supplements
Detailed instructions for how to use the kit
An informative nicotine detox manual
3 medical-grade cotinine urine test strips

The cotinine urine test strips included in our nicotine flush kits check for cotinine at concentrations above 200ng/ml in urine, just like most professional drug screenings, giving you the peace of mind that your nicotine detox has been effective.

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Quality You Can Trust

At NicoClean Detox, we are dedicated to providing a high-quality product that inspires confidence and provides testable, verifiable results.

NicoClean nicotine detox products are all vegan and organic
Our nicotine flush kits are made in the US
All products are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified
All products are developed in an FDA-certified facility

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